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The Certificate in Writing introduces learners to university-level and professional standards of composition, revision, editing, research, documentation, grammar, and rhetorical forms. Learners gain instruction and practice in a range of popular nonfiction prose genres (i.e., memoir, personal essay, blog, travel writing), in the craft of creative and expressive writing (i.e., plot, setting, characterization, point of view, dialogue), and more.

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Registration is available through Enrolment Services.

An overall average of at least 60% is required in 3 FCEs in English:

a) 0.5 FCE selected from: English 10141015, and 1016.

b) One FCE selected from: English 201220132014, and 2817.

c) One FCE selected from: English 30113012301330173031, and 4115.

d) 0.5 FCE selected from: 1014, 1015, 1016, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2817, 3011, 3012, 3013, 3017, 3031, and 4115.


This certificate is not open to learners currently enrolled in any degree or diploma program from Lakehead University.

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Upon successful completion, you will be awarded a Lakehead University Certificate.

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