Principal’s Qualification Program (PQP)


The Principal’s Qualification Program (PQP) is a two-part program that is accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers. Our PQP prepares experienced teachers for elementary and secondary school principalships in Ontario public and Catholic school boards.

Through two courses (Part I and Part II)  as well as a mandatory practicum, our PQP provides you with the foundational knowledge and skills to become a principal. Our flexible program reflects the current political, economic, and social realities that affect schools and school communities, helping you to address issues that are significant to you and your teaching.

Registration for each semester opens for six to eight weeks prior to the registration deadline. Register for the Principal’s Qualification Program (PQP).

This offering is approved as a Micro-credential by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) of Ontario and is OSAP-MC eligible at Lakehead University.

To learn more about the provincial program and how to apply for OSAP for Micro-credentials, please visit Micro-credentials from Ontario’s postsecondary schools.

To learn more about OSAP for Micro-credentials, please visit Lakehead Student Central.

Prerequisites PQP Part I

In addition to Lakehead University’s general requirements, as stated in the Calendar, all prospective PQP Part I learners must meet the following requirements:

  • A university degree recorded on your Ontario College of Teachers Certificate of Qualification
  • Qualifications in three (3) divisions, including the Intermediate Division, recorded on your Ontario College of Teachers Certificate of Qualification
  • Five (5) years of successful teaching experience, certified by a Supervisory Officer (Click here to download the Supervisory Officer Signature Form)
  • Two (2) specialist qualifications or a Master’s degree or one specialist qualification and completion of half of the requirements for a Master’s degree

Prerequisites for PQP Part II

In addition to Lakehead University’s general requirements, as stated in the Calendar, all prospective PQP Part II learners must meet the following requirements:

  • Principal’s Qualification Program Part I listed on your Ontario College of Teachers Certificate of Qualification
  • Submission of an acceptable leadership practicum proposal

PQP Part I

PQP Part I introduces you to the fundamental aspects of leading and managing a school as an administrator. During this course, you will address the following topics:

  • What it Means to Be a Principal
  • Human Resources
  • Decision Making
  • Legal Issues
  • School Operations
  • Communication Strategies
  • Practicum Experience

This course involves coursework and the development and approval of your Leadership Practicum Proposal. PQP Part I is for experienced teachers who have an interest in becoming a school principal.

PQP Part II and Leadership Practicum

PQP Part II allows you to explore, in more depth, the theoretical and operational aspects of principalship. This course focuses on concepts such as leadership and program planning as well as the following topics:

  • Human Resources
  • Community
  • Decision Making
  • School Programing
  • Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting
  • Resource Management
  • Communication Strategies

Once you complete PQP Part II, you will work to complete your Leadership Practicum. The Leadership Practicum is an educational leadership experience relating to the role of a principal or vice-principal with the support of a mentor.

Leadership Practicum Proposal

Part I candidates are expected to arrive with an idea of a potential topic for the Leadership Practicum and a potential supervisor. Your instructor will make suggestions regarding various aspects of the practicum, including appropriateness of scope, the contribution to the school or board, the amount of detail required as well as how to present the product.

Leadership Practicum Experience 

The Leadership Practicum Experience is a minimum of 60 hours and consists of a practicum that is a minimum of 40 hours as well as 20 hours of job-shadowing/observing. You will also complete a practicum log that will include your activities, a reflective journal, and a summative report. You will complete your Leadership Practice once you complete both PQP Part I and II.

Leadership Practicum Overview

  • The practicum proposal is approved in Part 1. This involves feedback from the part 1 instructor. Candidates must retain their signed form to submit with their completed practicum.

  • The practicum is presented to Part 2 class.

  • Part 2 instructor provides feedback by end of course, and can answer some questions by email for the next 2 months. (Use discretion, the big issues should be resolved before end of course.) 

  • Practicum is due within 6 months of end of PQP part 2.

Leadership Practicum Extensions 

The Leadership Practicum should be completed within six (6) months of a candidate finishing the Part 2 course. If required, learners can apply and pay for a Practicum Extension.

  • If there are questions or concerns about meeting the deadline, candidates should email The Practicum Evaluator is not a resource for support during the practicum process, unless the candidate pays a practicum extension fee.

  • A practicum extension fee of $150 must be paid by candidates who submit their practicum after the due date. 

  • Candidates must pay the $150 extension fee if they need to resubmit their practicum proposal. 

  • Candidates can opt to pay the $150 in order to receive additional support or consultation, even if they have not exceeded their time.

  • The candidates have 6 months from the date of the extension fee to complete their practicum.

The same textbooks are used in both PQP I & II. PQP courses require the following textbooks:

PQP Part 1 & Part 2

  • Brown, Anthony F. 2016 (optional). Consolidated Ontario Statutes and Regulations. Toronto: Carswell Legal Publications. ISBN: 978-0-7798-6521-5
  • Katz, Steven. Intentional Interruption: Breaking down learning barriers to transform professional practice. 2013. Corwin Press. ISBN: 9781412998796
  • Preskill S., & Brookfield, S.D. (2009). Learning as a way of leading: Lessons from the struggle for social justice. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. ISBN: ISBN-10: 0787978078

You can order textbooks and materials directly from Lakehead University’s Alumni Bookstore.

Candidates in any programs offered by Professional Development in Education may be entitled to a refund of applicable fees if they withdraw from a course in a timely fashion. Please see the chart below for details about deadlines and non-refundable fees.

Course Type

Non-Refundable Fee

Withdrawal Deadline - 100% of Balance

Withdrawal Deadline - 50% of Balance

Schedule A - ABQ


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Schedule C - AQ


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Schedule D - AQ


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Schedule E - HSQ


Select Appropriate Term from Refund Sched

PQP (1 or 2)


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SOQP (Modules 1-5)


Course start date


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Course start date

Day 5 of course

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