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Humanities 101 is a community based outreach program, which ensures that community members, who have a love of learning, have access to a university-level educational experience despite financial or social barriers.

We work to benefit the community and its members through education and the development of knowledge, transferable skills, and self-empowerment. We provide a healthy and supportive environment where you, the student, can experience the excitement and benefits of a post-secondary education without the costs.

What is Humanities 101?

Humanities 101 is a free opportunity for individuals who want to expand their education. This program is an opportunity for you, a recommended student, to expand your academic knowledge as well as a chance to develop personally and as a member of the community. Humanities 101:  

  • Introduces students to the excitement and interest that accompanies the discovery and creation of knowledge
  • Acquaints students with the potential benefits of higher education experiences
  • Provides assistance to students in order to overcome barriers to higher-level educational experiences
  • Provides an opportunity for students to explore university-level education
  • Motivates students to be a positive influence in his or her community
  • Inspires students about the different educational avenues that are available
  • Helps students to realize that a post-secondary education is possible

Humanities 101 is a Part of Your Journey

This program is a part of your academic journey. Humanities 101 does not provide entry into Lakehead University; however, it does guarantee an opportunity to learn about yourself and your educational options.

Registration for Humanities 101 is by application. Applications are not accepted at this time.

For you to become involved with Humanities 101 as a learner, a community service agency must recommend you to the program. To be eligible for Humanities 101, you must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Learners must be 17 years of age or older
  • Learners must be able to read a newspaper
  • If you would like to recommend a learner to our program or you would like to become involved as a learner and would like more information, please contact the appropriate Humanities 101 director. Visit the Humanities 101 contact page.

What if I'm not Involved with a Community Service Agency?

If you would like to become a Humanities 101 learner, but are not involved with a community service agency, please see our list of partners who can potentially recommend you to the program.

Humanities 101 provides learners with a semester long experience that teaches you, about the Humanities and Social Sciences as well as the benefits of learning.

During the program, learners attend a weekly class that runs for three hours at Lakehead University’s Thunder Bay or Orillia campus. Each class addresses a different topic in order to introduce you to a range of ideas and interests. Qualified University professors and volunteer experts teach each class and help you to understand and apply the information to your own life.

What will learners learn?

The Humanities 101 program includes a number of classes that vary in subject matter and teaching style. Each class is an exciting opportunity for you to learn something new and apply the information to your life and course work.

Through our program, you will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics, such as:

For more information about specific courses as well as their instructors, please see our past course outlines on the course outline page.

Learners are not required to purchase textbooks. The instructor will distribute any articles, poems, and other readings in class.

Many of our instructors are Lakehead University professors, while others are community activists or educational leaders affiliated with other schools.

Our instructors volunteer their time to provide interesting, fun, and thought-proving lessons; their expertise, passion, and love of learning helps to make Humanities 101 a valuable experience for learners.

Humanities 101 Alumni and Lakehead University Mentors (graduate learners) also volunteer their time to orient learners and help you to adjust to university-level classes.

Our program is filled with people who love learning and love to teach; this passion is visible in everyone’s willingness to help. Each person involved with Humanities 101 is there to support and help you to learn and succeed.

There is no formal assessment (e.g., pass/fail or letter grade). However, there will be opportunity for learners to obtain feedback on their progress as well as share ideas about your future after the program. All assignments are optional; instructors will assign assignments at their own discretion. If the instructor opts to give an assignment, they will describe its guidelines during the class. Learners may request feedback on the assignments. Assignment due dates will be determined when the instructor assigns the assignment.

The Humanities 101 program supports the community and its members through education. However, we also provide you with other means of support so you can participate in the program and focus on learning.

To support our learners further, we hold special events such as an Orientation Day to familiarize you with the University as well as a Pathways Workshop that helps you to explore your educational opportunities after the Graduation Ceremony.

Academic Support

While learners attend Humanities 101, you receive a wide variety of academic support to help you succeed. Humanities 101 learners have access to the same support as Lakehead University learners such as the following:

Access to computers: Humanities 101 learners can access the internet and other online resources using their learner computer accounts and Lakehead’s campus computers

Access to the library: Each Humanities 101 learner receives a library card, which you can use to withdraw books from any campus library

Access to school supplies: Learners do not have to purchase any textbooks or school supplies when participating in Humanities 101. All learners receive the necessary school supplies when they begin the program

Access to experts: Lakehead University mentors, graduates of Humanities 101, and Lakehead University professors support Humanities 101 learners during the program. These individuals can help you to adjust to the classroom and learn the material

Personal Support

Learners in Humanities 101 can also receive assistance to overcome financial barriers and make it easier to attend and also succeed during the program. We offer you, as a learner, the following support during the Humanities 101 program:

No cost for learners: There is no cost for learners when participating in the Humanities 101 program.

Access to childcare/elderly care: If necessary, learners can receive financial support for childcare or elderly care.

Transportation support: If necessary, learners can receive a transportation allowance from Orillia Public Transit or Thunder Bay Public Transit in order to attend class.

Access to a meal: Because Humanities 101 takes place in the evening, we provide all learners with a meal during class.

Learners are there to help: Other Humanities 101 learners can provide you with a lot of support and make the course enjoyable. Each learner brings something unique to the program and is there to share it with others.

Instructional Method
Community Based
12 Weeks
Start Date
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